Saturday, March 17, 2018


by Bob Walsh

By all accounts Andrew McCabe, until recently the Deputy Director of the FBI an in charge of counter-intelligence, was at one time an honest and competent man. He had major political aspirations for his wife, who accepted buckets of money from Hillary Clinton's friends in a failed political bid. He also became deranged at the possibility, then the reality, of a Donald Trump presidency. This ended up with him being a major player in the deep state anti-Trump underground, where he took numerous actions that were at best questionable, and probably flat-out illegal, in support of Hillary Clinton and in opposition to Donald Trump.

On Friday, two days before his retirement, McCabe got fired. I have heard a couple of stories on exactly what this means. One of them says he has lost his pension. The other says that he will be eligible for a significantly smaller pension 5-7 years down the road. I have no idea which is true. It also seems likely (though not certain) that he will face at least a criminal investigation and maybe criminal charges.

It would be nice to hope that the Hillary Email investigation, which McCabe ran and apparently tanked, will now be actually honestly run and Hillary will, at a minimum, have her butt spanked a few times. Personally I would like to see both her and Bill as guests of the people at Leavenworth, but I realize that is unlikely.

This may be merely a flash in the pan, albeit a large one. Or it may be the large start to an even bigger ball of shit rolling downhill, and possibly even a little bit uphill. Damn, this is gonna be fun to watch.

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