Tuesday, March 27, 2018


by Bob Walsh

The Superintendent of the Blue Mountain School District in Pennsylvania has decreed that the primary defense in his system against possible armed intruders will be a five gallon bucket of river rocks placed in each classroom to allow teachers and students to repel armed intruders should it become necessary.

Dr. David Henlsel seems to be serious about this.

I wonder which is likely to happen first. 1) Students and teachers successfully defend themselves against an armed intruder. 2). A student smashes in the head of another student or staff member using the weapon so thoughtfully supplied by Dr. Henlsel.

That truly sad thing about this story is that it isn't a joke. Well, it IS a joke but it is really happening.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This clearly calls for teachers and students to be trained in the safe and effective way of tossing rocks. Then only those teachers and students who have obtained a rock-tossing license will be able to throw rocks at a shooter firing an AR-15 inside a school.


Trey Rusk said...

Do you have to have a permit for river rocks? I think I'll carry a sack full in my car. Just in case.

bob walsh said...

The super has now backed away from this idiocy, and announced the district will be hiring armed security for the schools. I guess the ridicule was too much for him. I wonder what they will do with the rocks?

Dave Freeman said...

@ Trey...only if you carry them concealed.