Thursday, March 29, 2018


by Bob Walsh

The FBI OIG announced yesterday that they WERE going to investigate various claims of bias, collusion, nastiness and general bad form witin the FBI when it came to what is generally called The Trump Investigation.

There is, at least on the surface, ample reason to believe that certain high ranking assholes within the FBI actively worked against the Trump election and have been actively working to undermine the Trump presidency. Whether or not the OIG has the ability to adequately investigate is a legit question as they have no hold on persons no longer employed by the government. I do honestly expect that a special counsel will eventually be appointed. The Republicans are mad at themselves that they let Lois Lerner and similar toads get away and I don't believe they are of a mind to allow it to happen again.

HEADS ON A PIKE (after a fair and impartial inquiry of course).

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