Friday, March 30, 2018


by Bob Walsh

A minivan drove off a cliff on the coast in Mendocino county on Monday afternoon. The married female couple in the van and three of their six adopted children died in the crash. The other three children are missing. It is not known if they were actually in the vehicle or not at the time of the crash. The cause of the crash is unknown.

The family had lived in the Portland area until the Michael Brown demonstrations resulted in a photo of one of the adopted children, who is black, hugging a white police officer went viral. Apparently "intense media coverage" after this photo resulted in the family relocating.


Trey Rusk said...

There are places on the coast highway that are difficult to navigate and dangerous.

bob walsh said...

Judging from the news photos this was NOT one such place. Also CPS was investigating the adopted parents for abuse and neglect. One of the children, the kid in the photo, had recently been known to visit neighbor's houses begging for food.

Dave Freeman said...

Also read that the car traveled 75 feet across a parking lot for the overlook before it went over the overlook, and that there were no skid marks. Murder suicide? Horrific.

bob walsh said...

They are now pretty sure all six kids are dead, they just haven't found the bodies yet.