Friday, March 30, 2018


by Bob Walsh

THE MOB has been ruling Sacramento for the last three days. They have not been wildly destructive but they have been terribly disruptive. They have closed down streets, closed down freeways, closed down mass transit and repeatedly closed down a major sports venue, even after the Kings kissed their asses in public. They disrupted the city council and made the mayor, Dickless Darryll, look like the gutlass asswipe he really his.

So they are looking at a Plan B.

They are going to shut down the plaza around the Golden One Center today and only allow people who actually have Kings tickets in their possession to enter the plaza, so that theoretically paying customers will be able to actually get into the venue to watch the Kings loose.

The funeral for dead criminal Stephon Clark is supposed to be. That well-known poverty pimp and race-baiter Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharpton will be there are a principle instigator-speaker. It is right now an open question what will happen at the funeral and what, if anything, will happen when-if THE MOB tries to shut down the sports venue or the roads in the area.

Perhaps the power structure has gotten tired of THE MOB usurping the power and making them look like impotent, gutless punks. Perhaps not. We will find out by the time you read this.


Trey Rusk said...

This is sad. You get what you put up with.

Dave Freeman said...

Ya Trey, and if you remain impotent in your response long enough...what you put up with just might get YOU.

bob walsh said...

The Plan B worked, at least the first night. The asshole brother even apologized to the mayor for being an asshole. The basketball game went on (the Kings lost). Roads were blocked, though the freeways were not. No appreciable amount of violence reported. That will change maybe-probably when the D. A. and A.G. announce that they will not summarily execute the two cops and the private pathologist announces that the dead guy was NOT shot 20 times and was NOT shot in the back. Tox report may be interesting too.