Thursday, March 29, 2018


by Bob Walsh

On Tuesday evening there was supposed to be a meeting of the Sacramento city council. A MOB of protesters forced their way into the building and past the metal detectors and entered the council chamber. The brother of dead criminal Stephon Clark proceeded to scream, do an interesting impromptu dance (maybe he was auditioning for America's Got Talent) and then jumped up on the dias in front of the mayor, Darryll Dickless Steinberg, and screamed some more.

At some point Mayor Dickless offered death criminals brother the microphone and he and his supporters started screaming, shouting and in general being assholes. Finally Mayor Dickless shut down the meeting. At that time the mob moved to the Golden One Center and again barricaded the entrances, preventing the paid ticket holders from entering the venue to watch the Kings play. (Why anybody would want to do that I have no idea, but some people do.) The teams showed up wearing #StephonClark t-shirts for warmup but I guess it didn't help.

The mob still wants the cops fired, tried and summarily executed. Little details like a trial, due process or actual guilt or innocence is not an issue.

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Dave Freeman said...

I watched the body cam and helicopter video and have read some commentary, and it seems this was, given all the circumstances, a lawful shooting. When a burglary/vandalism suspect you have just chased through a couple of backyards at 4:30 am suddenly turns, advances towards you while pointing an object at you in the manner of one about to shoot a gun at you, an object which you can't make out due to low light conditions, your options are not good. Failure to return fire can get you dead real quick.

Am hoping the investigation is fair. Not betting on it.