Tuesday, June 13, 2017


When recreational pot becomes legal in California the state is expected to rake in billions of dollars, but so will the black marketers

The University of California Agricultural Issues Center has estimated that the legalization of recreational marijuana will rake in billions of dollars for the state. But the Center also noted that 29 percent of pot users will continue to make their buys on the black market in order to avoid state and local marijuana taxes.

The state says it will initiate a campaign to encourage pot users to buy their marijuana at legal pot shops. Lot’s a luck with that.

I predict that the longer legal pot remains in effect, the percentage of those who make their purchases on the black market, will rise sharply. Why pay those state and local taxes when your friendly street dealer can get you some good stuff at a much better price. Which means the Mexican drug cartels will rake in billions as well.

And it remains to be seen if California will really reap a bonanza with that pot legalization crap. And at what cost with increased highway deaths and an increase in the use of harder drugs,

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Anonymous said...

It's a win-win. I love a growing economy. Yes, bootleg product will still be there but most people will buy from retailers without the risk of being ripped off.