Tuesday, June 13, 2017


“I am a thief and loser” tattooed in Portuguese on teenage thief’s forehead

Brazilian cops in Sao Bernardo do Campo arrested tattoo artist Maycon Wesley and his buddy Ronildo Moreira de Araujo on Saturday and charged them with torture.

It appears as though Wesley and de Araujo caught a 17-year-old boy Friday who they believed had just stolen a bicycle from a one-legged man. They dragged the terrified youth to Wesley’s tattoo parlor where the tattoo artist decided to meet out his personal juvenile justice rather than call the cops who would probably have turned the kid loose.

Wesley humiliated the kid by tattooing “eu sou ladrao e vacilao” on his forehead, which is Portuguese for “I am a thief and loser.” When finished, Wesley sarcastically asked the horrified teenager how he liked the tattoo.

The branded teenager beat feet and has not been seen since.

The tattooing was filmed by de Araujo who posted the episode on social media. When the missing boy’s parents saw the video they called the cops. Now Maycon and Ronildo are behind bars and the youth with the humiliating tattoo is still missing, his whereabouts unknown.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor bastard has committed suicide.

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