Monday, June 05, 2017


Trump is not willing to finance attempts to prevent global warming in the absence of a scientific foundation

By Dr. Gabi Avital

Israel Hayom
June 4, 2017

According to a U.N. expert, the "Trump Effect" could increase global temperatures by 0.3 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. I can't say I'm impressed. This is just another in a series of declarations aimed at stoking fear over the past 30 years. These experts can't even accurately forecast next year, and this man is talking about the end of the century.

The media's focus on global warming would make it seem like the apocalypse is just days away, and the only thing in the way of curing our ailing globe is an agreement. Then comes U.S. President Donald Trump, and backs out of an emergency plan that has so far spanned 20 years. The plan aims to "save mother nature" as German Chancellor Angela Merkel put it. The ongoing doomsday forecasts predict glaciers melting at alarming rates, beaches flooding and cities sinking, hunger and disease and accelerated extinction of various species.

But what is Trump actually saying? I am not willing to finance attempts to prevent global warming in the absence of a scientific foundation. Moreover, if there is in fact global warming, it wasn't caused by man. Moreover, if this issue is so scientific, why is there such a clear division between the Left and the Right and Democrats and Republicans on the matter? He is, of course, confronted on a daily basis by people who are completely convinced of both the increase in the warming and that it is caused by the terrible mankind. But there is no room for reflection on the matter, and anyone who dares to question this assertion is immediately labeled a climate change denier, no less.

Trump and his advisers also point out that contrary to the key claim that as the level of greenhouse gas emissions increases, so does the global temperature, this much-discussed temperature is refusing to cooperate with this global game of lies. What makes me so confident? The Paris conference of 2015 was the direct continuation of the Kyoto conference of 1997, where an agreement was signed to save the planet from mankind. In Kyoto, participants agreed to a plan based on a computational model to lower the average temperature by decreasing the emission of carbon dioxide. No model exists that can predict the climate. This is an inherent problem in fluid mechanics, for those who know a little about the subject. Although 18 years have passed since the agreement based on those models was signed, and a trillion and a half dollars have been invested, carbon dioxide levels continue to rise and the temperature has remained the same on average for almost the entire period. All the models, then, failed in their forecast, which was problematic from the start.

We have yet to delve into the "minor" details. The glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere are thawing and accumulating in contrast to the forecasts, and today they are at the same level they were 30 years ago. Sea levels, too, have been rising at a rate of 25 cm (9 inches) every 100 years since the 1930s. Former Vice President Al Gore promised us 6 meters (20 feet). And we haven't even touched upon the manipulation and loss of data and the lies exposed in the 10,000 or so emails sent from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Institute. Trump is not willing to spend another penny on any of these and other promises of renewable green energy, and that's a good thing.

EDITOR’S Note: Dr. Avital is a controversial Israeli aeronautical and space engineering scientist who questions Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and man’s contribution to global warming. He says global warming is a farce used by liberal environmentalists to advance their political agendas. Dr. Avital also advocates adding creationism to the school curriculum.

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