Friday, June 02, 2017


by Bob Walsh

I remember many years ago when I was a rugrat we went on a school field trip to a warehouse in Sausalito. There the Army Corp of Engineers had built a scale model of San Francisco Bay. They actually used it to do thing like fill projects and see what the effect on the water flow would be if this were done or if that were done. Damn fine idea and, as I recall, it worked very well.

Some reasonably bright people have done the same thing with the Oroville Dam repair project. They build a pretty decent scale model of the area surrounding the dam and the spillway to see what happens with water flow when A is done or when B is done instead. Based on the news footage of it the damn things looked pretty good compared to the news footage of the actual area. It was pretty clever and done apparently pretty fast.

Credit where credit is due. A good idea, apparently well executed..

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Dave Freeman said...

Hey Bob. My elementary school class took a field trip to that same Army Corps of Engineers site in Sausalito as well. Man, that 50 years ago. Good times. :-)