Friday, June 02, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Yes, the smartest woman in the world figured out why she is not today the President of the United States. The Macedonian intelligence service fucked her.

That explains the three members of the Macedonian Secret Intelligence Service I found in my tool shed last week. They were monitoring a goat herd on the next block over from my house. (It's in county jurisdiction so they can keep livestock.) Or perhaps they were monitoring the goat herder. I am not completely sure. But they weren't stealing any of my tools so I didn't bother them.

So, there we have the answer as to how the biggest moron in the history of electoral politics was able to overcome the smartest woman in the world with a campaign funded at twice that of the opposition. It was the fucking Macedonians.

Hillary said so herself. Just yesterday. She wouldn't lie about something like that, would she??

EDITOR'S NOTE: She still hasn't got it right. It was the Liechtenstein intelligence service that torpedoed Hillary's campaign. Smart fellows, those Liechtensteinians, they disguised themselves as Macedonians.

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Anonymous said...

A basket of deplorable people did Hillary in.

"Nobody likes to be called high smelling and low down."
Rooster Cogburn, 1880