Sunday, June 11, 2017


Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green do not represent the views of Houstonians

A city is sometimes judged by the people who purport to speak for it. Houston has two representatives in Congress who are an uber-embarrassment. They are Democrats Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green.

In an obvious need to be constantly in the limelight, Jackson Lee pops up in front of the TV cameras at every opportunity during which her motor-mouth just keeps on running, running and running. The same is true when she runs her big mouth off on the floor of the House. Very few members of Congress pay any attention to her. Unfortunately, Jackson Lee is known as a congresswoman from Houston.

During a number of those TV news moments, Al Green can be seen standing alongside Jackson Lee, itching to get a word in but unable to do so. Unable to be in the limelight any other way, Green has called on Congress to impeach President Trump. Green declares that when Trump allegedly asked FBI Director James Comey to back off of the investigation of Gen. Michael Flynn, he was committing the crime of obstructing justice.

Here is an excerpt of what Green said on the House floor last month:

"It's a position of conscience for me. This is about what I believe. And this is where I stand. I will not be moved. The president must be impeached."

“Mister Speaker, our democracy is at risk. Mister Speaker, this has occurred before our very eyes. It is perspicuous. We cannot allow this to go unchecked. The president is not above the law … I am a voice in the wilderness, but I assure you that history will vindicate me.”

Wow, Green is trying to save our democracy. How heroic.

Green is not entirely alone. Maxine Waters, who is recognized as an embarrassment to her state of California, has also called on the House to impeach the president. Neither Green nor Waters have any legal grounds to call for Trump’s impeachment because so far there is no evidence that the president has committed an impeachable offense.

The same day Green made his House declaration, Jackson Lee, not to be outdone, followed that up by introducing the ‘Trump Special Counsel Act’ which would require the automatic appointment of a special counsel whenever the president, the vice president, their spouses or their children and any businesses owned by them are subject to a criminal investigation.

Wow, Sheila Texas Ranger is going to kick ass of the don and capos from the notorious Trump crime family.

And on Wednesday, Green and California Democrat Brad Sherman announced they were drafting articles of impeachment, citing that the president’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey constitutes an obstruction of justice.

Green can’t be so stupid as to believe that a Republican controlled House of Representatives is going to impeach a Republican president. He is at least a couple of years premature.

Two years from now we could see a Congress in which both the House and the Senate will be controlled by the Democrats. If that happens, the House will surely impeach the president and, depending on how big the Democrat majority is, the Senate could convict the president. That would make Trump the first president ever removed from office through the impeachment process.

No one knows how long Robert Mueller’s investigation will take, but if he determines that Trump has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” the president could conceivably be impeached and convicted by a Republican controlled Congress.

When Green calls for Trump’s impeachment, he is not speaking for a majority of Houstonians. He may not even be speaking for a majority of his congressional district constituents who keep reelecting him to office. But he’s getting the attention he’s been lacking while in the shadow of Jackson lee. It’s too bad we cannot impeach Green!

If the local news media would simply ignore Jackson Lee and Green, those two clowns would cease to be an embarrassment to our great city. Unfortunately, that’s not about to happen.

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Anonymous said...

Houston has the votes to keep these idiots in office. Maybe it's time to go to West Texas.