Sunday, June 11, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Saturday marked a number of anti-Sharia law rallies around the county. Some of those participating were, no doubt, anti-Muslim extremists of one sort or another who simply hate goat-fuckers just because. However, some of them are honest, law-abiding citizens who are bothered by what they see as possible encroachment of Sharia law and Muslim enclaves into the fabric of U. S. life.

I would humbly suggest that if CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and other pro-goat-fucker organizations would have the balls tp speak out when Islamic radicals burn people to death and sell 11-year old girls into sexual slavery they might be taken a bit more seriously by many in this country. If they want to treat women like property in their own shithole countries and sell little girls, that's there business. They should not expect us to tolerate that shit over here in the name of religious freedom. If they don't like it here they can move back to Somalia or wherever the fuck they think their particular brand of assholeishness will be welcome.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'd say that 95 percent of those protesters were bigoted assholes, some of them sheep-fuckers. Decent Americans did not participate in those clearly anti-Muslim rallies.

Counter demonstrators consisted of Trump haters and the usual left-wing rabble.

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