Friday, July 21, 2017


by Bob Walsh

There is a little more information (very little) now available about the shooting of Ms. Damond by Officer Noor in Minneapolis.

Officer Noor has (allegedly) said he heard a loud noise (presumably a gunshot) that he interpreted as being threatening towards himself and his fellow officer. He therefore draw his pistol while still seated in his patrol car and fired one round across the car, in front of the other officer, hitting Ms. Damond in the gut. She died from that gunshot.

I am still having trouble understanding how, in the absence of anything visible in her hands, Officer Noor could reasonably believe that Ms. Damond was such an immediate threat that it warranted taking the action he took. Based on very limited and incomplete information I am forced to conclude that Officer Noor reacted precipitously and inappropriately. His career and his personal freedom are, I suspect, in significant danger.

Damn shame. If you under-react maybe you and your partner are dead. If you over-react maybe you find yourself fired and on the way to the slammer. Finding that sweet spot in the middle can be hard.

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet his partner shit his pants.