Wednesday, July 19, 2017


by Bob Walsh

That is how the cops are describing information given to them after a shooting in Colerain Township, a suburb of Cincinnati. There was a "gender reveal" party (I am assuming this is sort of a baby shower when the mother reveals the gender of her rugrat) when the shots started flying at a private home on July 8. When the dust settled one person was dead and eight people were wounded by the two shooters.

The woman who was the guest of honor at the gender reveal party was shot in the leg. She claimed to have lost the baby as a result of the shooting, but was later found to have not been pregnant in the first place. (Maybe she was gift fishing and was planning a "lost the baby story" all along. Who knows?)

The cops are saying that they are meeting "significant resistance" from the party attendees, who seem to not really want the shooting solved, or at least not by their involvement in the investigation.

Remind me not to attend any gender reveal parties, at least not in Ohio.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Maybe someone just didn't like the gender of the unborn child that never was.

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