Sunday, July 30, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Something truly noteworthy is about to happen in the People's Republic of San Francisco. The federal government is about to comply with the law.

Most of you no doubt recall the name Kate Steinle. She was murdered on San Francisco by a multiple-deported illegal alien who used San Francisco's sanctuary city policy to avoid punishment.

The pistol he shot and killed Steinle with had been stolen three days prior from the locked car of a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) park ranger. The ranger is going to testify, and that is the remarkable part. Apparently the BLM has an official policy that prohibits it's employees from complying with either polite requests or subpoenas for either official records or personal testimony.

The shyster for the murderous criminal illegal alien believes that the range, John Woychowski, is a critical witness to establish the history and condition of the stolen weapon. Presumably the shyster is going to try to make out the weapon was either defective or poorly maintained and that the criminal illegal alien just happened to be walking down Pier 39 with the stolen gun in his hand when it discharged, killing Ms. Steinle.

The Steinle family has a civil action pending against the BLM, asserting that the act of leaving the gun in the car (which was completely legal at the time) led to Ms. Steinle's death. I guess there is no point in suing the illegal alien criminal, he has no money.

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