Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners
Dear Members

I am a former California parole agent and retired professor of criminal justice, I am contacting you about tomorrow's parole hearing for O.J. Simpson.

The Goldman family was awarded a $33.5 million judgement against Mr. Simpson for the murder of their daughter Nicole. They have collected very little because Mr. Simpson cleverly. moved to Florida where homestead laws prevent the seizure of his home to satisfy a judgement. With accumulated interest, that judgement now stands at around $60 million.

Mr. Simpson receives an estimated $25,000 a month NFL pension. He also has a Screen Actors Guild pension and a personal pension in which he invested $5 million many years ago. Like his Florida home, these pensions cannot be seized to satisfy a judgement.

Mr.Simpson won’t need $25,000 a month to live on. He can live more comfortable than most Americans with just $5,000 a month

As a former parole officer, I know that a parole board can issue a special condition of parole in addition to all the regular conditions required of a parolee.

Accordingly I hereby request that in the event you grant Mr. Simpson a parole, you issue a special condition of parole which requires him to make payments to the Goldmans in order to satisfy the judgemnt they received.

Mr. Simpson should pay the Goldmans a certain amount each month, as well as a percentage of the assets he has accumulated with his pensions. While his pensions are protected from seizure, such an order would not actually be a seizure of those pension. It would be an order for Mr. Simpson to satisfy a court order by making payments from his assets.

Since Mr. Simpson is getting a reported $25,000 a month from the NFL, I believe it would be appropriate to order him to pay the Goldmans $20,000 a month for starters. And after an audit of his assets, he should be made to pay at least 50 percent of his accumulated wealth to the Goldmans.

If you fail to issue a special condition of parole requiring Mr. Simpson to make payments to the Goldmans, you will be releasing a double murderer to a life of luxury.

I would appreciate your giving serious consideration to my request.

Respectfully submitted


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