Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Only two rioters, one from each opposing side, are charged in a riot that left14 injured

by Bob Walsh

After slightly more than one year the Sacramento DA has announced two prosecutions from a riot that left five people stabbed and nine additional people injured at the state capitol.

William Scott Planer, 34, is a member of the Traditionalist Worker's Party, allegedly a neo-Nazi group. He was arrested in Colorado and is being held pending extradition.

Porfirio Gabriel Paz,19, was arrested in SoCal and is likely to be arraigned in Sacramento on Monday. Paz is a member of Antifa (anti-Fascists). So far he is denying even being present at the riot. You might remember most of the Antifa group were wearing masks.

The CHP issued a 2,000 page report and recommended many arrests. However, it proved to be difficult as many of the participants were masked. A total of 101 names were submitted to prosecutors.

The local constabulary was widely criticized for allowing the riot to run pretty much unabated as long as it did not spill off of the grounds of the state capitol.

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