Wednesday, July 19, 2017


A Minneapolis cop shoots dead an unarmed woman for yet unexplained reasons

Justine Ruszczyk, who used the last name Damond, called 911 Saturday to report a possible assault only to be shot dead by one of the responding Minneapolis police officers. Officer Mohamed Noor, sitting in the passenger seat of the patrol car, shot the unarmed woman through the car door on the driver’s side for yet unexplained reasons while she was talking to his partner.

While there has been public outrage over the shooting, there have been no riots in Minneapolis. No lootings and no burnings, no smashed-up police cars and no pelting of cops with rocks and bottles, like there have been in other cities where white officers shot black men.

Why are there no riots in Minneapolis? Is it because people in Minnesota are more genteel and sophisticated than people in Missouri and other parts of the country? No, not at all.

The only reason there have been no riots is because in this case it was a black cop that shot an unarmed white woman.

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Anonymous said...

It's because Obama is no longer President. There were riots before in Baltimore when black cops were accused of killing a prisoner. It's all about race and what is being spouted from Washington DC.