Tuesday, July 18, 2017


by Bob Walsh

A 14-year police veteran and former Green Beret has filed suit against his own department for retaliation and creating a hostile work environment after he organized a Blue Lives Matter rally.

Dan Sullivan is an officer with the Frederick, MD. police department. He is asserting that his bosses urged him to cancel the rally and punished him when he declined to do so.

Immediately after the rally Sullivan was assigned to a FOOT PATROL at an I-15 intersection. Sullivan states that, the next day, Lt. Thomas Tokarz told him, "If you ever feel the need to exercise your first amendment rights again, I hope you come to me, your Lieutenant, and ask my advice before doing so."

Sullivan was also told about this time that he was under investigation regarding Facebook posts he made about a member of a local "social justice" group, Frederick Rising. This group had identified Sullivan in social media posts as the shooter in a death in 2008. A Grand Jury found the shooting justified as the dead guy pointed a gun at Sullivan before Sullivan fired.

In the lawsuit Sullivan is asking for $20 million for assorted violations of law, including slander, libel, Public Information Act violations and civil conspiracy to deny constitutional rights.

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Anonymous said...

Good for him. I hope he wins.