Sunday, July 23, 2017


Chauna Thompson, who together with her husband has been indicted for the murder of John Hernandez, has been fired by the Harris County Sheriff’s Department

You may recall that last May a man was choked to death in the parking lot of a Houston area Denny’s because a father took offense to the victim peeing within sight of his two young daughters. Terry Thompson, a MMA fighter confronted the public peer and a physical altercation occurred. Thompson got on top of John Hernandez who was face down and held him in a choke hold. While he was choking Hernandez his wife, an off-duty Harris County deputy, showed up and on a video clip appeared to be helping her husband. Chauna Thompson and Terry Thompson were both indicted for murder last month.

On Friday Sheriff Ed Gonzalez announced that Chauna Thompson had been fired. She had been on administrative leave since the incident occurred.

Sheriff Gonzalez also announced that four other officers had been disciplined in the Hernandez choking death.

• One sergeant has been transferred to a new assignment, ordered to complete additional training, and suspended for five days.

• One sergeant received a letter of documented counseling.

• One sergeant received a letter of reprimand and was ordered to complete additional training.

• One deputy received a one-day suspension and 30 days’ probation.

While the Sheriff would not give any details about the discipline, it appears likely that the four officers were punished for the way they conducted and reported the investigation of this case. They failed to interview any witnesses at the scene and rushed out a report that was obviously designed to cover up fellow deputy Chauna Thompson’s part in Hernandez’s death. Their cover up was uncovered by cellphone videos taken by witnesses at the scene.


Anonymous said...

Why did 3 Sergeant's work in one district?

BarkGrowlBite said...

I suspect only one sergeant actually worked the district along with the disciplined deputy. One or both of the other sergeants may have come to the scene to have a look see. But one thing seems sure, they all had a part in the writing and approval of the investigation report.

They might have done things correctly had they seen the cellphone videos.

Anonymous said...

They may have be disciplined for leaving their district. But who knows? The Sheriff didn't elaborate. Anyway it goes, the county will pay.