Monday, July 17, 2017


Some People Just Got No Gratitude

by Bob Walsh

The U. S. and Canadian governments have both decided to stop attempting to free whales from entanglement in fishing equipment after a former fisherman and whale rescue expert was killed by a whale he had just freed. Since wild animals are not people, that shouldn't be a big surprise.

Joe Howlett had just cut a right whale free from entanglement in fishing equipment when the whale whacked him a good one on it's way out of town, killing Howlett.

There are only about 500 right whales left on the planet. The Canadian government will continue to offer assistance on freeing other sort of whales, but right whales are just the wrong sort at the moment.

Various non-profits actually do this work and have been authorized by the governments of Canada and the U. S. to do this. It is not immediately clear what effect this government decision will actually have on well-meaning people trying to help these critters.

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