Saturday, July 29, 2017


by Bob Walsh

A jihadist goat fucker armed with a kitchen knife attacked seven people in a grocery store in Hamburg, Germany on Friday.

The goat fucker was yelling Allahu Akbar while he was on his rampage. For some reason the authorities in Germany are unable (or unwilling) to assign a motive to his actions. I guess the notion that he is a terrorist goat fucker doesn't occur to them.

His victims were one woman and six men. One of the men died and others are in serious condition.

The goat fucker is a "foreigner" who was supposed to have been deported but was not due to lack of documentation. I guess if you are an alien terrorist goat fucker in Germany all you have to do is lose your documents and they can't deport your happy ass. Somehow I see a flaw in that.

The goat fucker is a 26-year old born in the United Arab Emirates.

Just as an aside, for no particular reason. Are residents of Hamburg referred to as "hamburgers?" I have often wondered about that.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Regarding your aside Bob, maybe he really wasn't a jihadist terrorist, but slashed all those people up in that grocery store because he believed they were Hamburgers.

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