Friday, July 21, 2017


by Bob Walsh

I say "allegedly" because I have long believed that you can't believe a damn thing the Democrap party machine says in Illinois. At any rate on Friday 300 employees of Cook County were layed off after a proposed tax on soda did not kick in. More layoffs are expected.

A TRO prevents the county from collecting the tax on evil, horrible, disgusting sugar-sweetened beverages. The tax gouge was supposed to kick in July first and was supposed to bring in $68 million for the county. (Dream on on that one.) The Board President, Toni Preckwinkle, said that she believed the number of layoffs could reach 1,100.

Each county was told to cut 10% from their budget and all existing vacant positions were eliminated. The majority of the layoffs will, of course, come from the County Sheriff. The proposed cuts are about 17% of the staff of the SO. Much of it will have to be covered by overtime so the actual cost savings may not be as large as one might hope.

County board members who oppose the tax accuse Preckwinkle of deliberately impacting public safety to pressure the judge who is going to make the decision on the tax.

A further hearing on the tax measure will be held on July 21.

Maybe the should tax stupidity. They could clean up on that in Illinois.

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