Friday, July 21, 2017


The new chief is not only a black woman, but she’s a damn Yankee too

Ulysha Renee Hall, 46, has been hired by the city of Dallas to replace retired Police Chief David Brown. She will start September 5.

Hall is currently the Deputy Chief of the Detroit Police Department where she heads the Neighborhood Policing Bureau. She is a 19-year veteran of the department.

Hall’s father was also a Detroit cop. In August 1971, when she was only 6-months-old, he was shot dead while working in a specialized police unit cracking down on prostitution.

Speaking of women in policing, Hall said, “We kind of do it a little different, a little better. We add that special something to law enforcement that truly, truly calms the savage beasts.”

A woman for a police chief, and a black one at that. But if that ain’t bad enough, she’s a damn Yankee too … sumbitch, what this world isn’t coming to!


bob walsh said...

Putting someone with less than 20 years on the job in charge of a major metro P D seems a tad unwise to me. It would almost make you think that they were going out of their way to shop for the most qualified (least unqualified?) double-minority they could find. If you had a nasty and suspicious mind.

Anonymous said...

Officers are bailing out of Dallas PD and recruiting is at a standstill.