Saturday, July 22, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Three people are under arrest for assisting South Carolina prisoner Jimmy Causey in his July 4 escape.

Robert Williams is believed to have picked up Causey outside the Ridgeville prison and driven him to a motel in Cayce. A second man, Benjamin Bevier, loaned Williams his truck, knowing it would be used in the escape. Lareece Rosier supplied cash knowing it would be used by Causey to remain on the run.

Causey left a dummy in his rack and thereby got an 18 hour head start. A prison employee has been fired in connection with the case, presumably for doing a crappy county or security check.

This was Causey's second escape from a relatively high security prisoner. It is believed that tools were dropped to him from a drone to cut fences. Hopefully they will do a better job of keeping an eye on him in the future.

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