Thursday, July 20, 2017


Rosie O'Donnell is under fire after she posts game that encourages users to kill President Trump in four different ways

By Chris Spargo

Daily Mail
July 19, 2017

Rosie O'Donnell has been one of President Trump's most vocal and outspoken critics since long before he even announced he was running for office, but her latest attack on her longtime foe went too far according to some.

Over the weekend, the former talk show host posted a link to a new game that allows users to kill President Trump four different ways: pushing him off a cliff; pushing him into a volcano; pushing him into a manhole; and pushing him into the mouth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The games is called 'Push Trump Off A Cliff,' and in addition to O'Donnell it has also been shared by Hollywood stars including John Leguizamo.

O'Donnell is now being criticized by a number of people, including President Trump's biggest cheerleader, Fox News host Sean Hannity.

'On Saturday, the rabid-leftist shared an online video game entitled "Push Trump Off A Cliff Again." As you can guess, the point of the game is fairly simple--to send the president off of a cliff,' wrote Hannity on his blog Tuesday

'This isn't the first time Rosie has taken to social media to share heinous anti-Trump content.'

Hannity then mentioned the comments O'Donnell made late last year about Barron, pointing out that she eventually apologized for her actions.

'We're not holding our breath for an apology this time around,' wrote Hannity.

The Young Conservatives blog also lashed out at O'Donnell following her decision to share the game.

'Sadly, violence has become an acceptable form of dissent for liberals these days,' noted the blog.

The game was created by Justin Hook, a former writer for the critically acclaimed Fox series 'Bob's Burgers'

He wrote on Twitter soon after setting the game live: 'If you've ever felt like pushing Trump off a cliff, then this Zen game I built is for you.'

Many quickly responded by letting him know how much they enjoyed playing the game.

'My fave is pushing President Fart into the mouth of the T-Rex over & over with the B button down so he runs like the baffoon he is,' said one person on Twitter.

'Delightful!' wrote another.

There was the same positive response by many when O'Donnell posted the game on her Twitter, and a number of detractors.

'really? again? are all fantasizing about inflicting violence upon a president?' wrote one.

'You are hateful..You will and should end up like Gag me Griffin,' one man wrote, referencing Kathy Griffin.

'YOU sick twisted old SOW, YOU are the one that should be pushed over a cliff !!! Why are you still in OUR country ??????' said another woman.

O'Donnell responded to that by writing: 'cause its u i want jo jo.'

This is just the latest in the never ending feud between O'Donnell and President Trump.

In May, O'Donnell said during a stand-up performance at Caroline's in New York that things had gotten so bad she could no longer go out in public.

'This is the second time I’ve been in public since he’s been elected because I go to the mall sometimes and Trump people go, "Hey fuck you,"' O'Donnell told the audience.

She went on to say that the outbursts were not just directed at her either, but also her teenage daughter Vivienne.

'The boys in public school in New Jersey said to my 14-year-old daughter the next day, "Tell your mom I’m gonna grab your pussy."

'It has affected my entire life and my entire family for a tremendous amount of years - over a decade.'

Later in her set, O'Donnell turned her attention to Ivanka Trump, speaking about how difficult her life must be as her father's favorite child.

'The next time you or I want to make fun of Ivanka, I want you to carefully think — with compassion - about what . . . [she] had to do to survive,' said O'Donnell.

She then described Ivanka as the 'chosen child' of a 'cult leader who has the power to fool a nation' before stating: 'It is not a fun, healthy or recoverable place to be.'

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I'm surprised that nobody left the country. Big talk and this is just another way to gain publicity. F*ck her!