Saturday, July 22, 2017


What kind of parole supervision is O.J. likely to receive? Superficial at best

Because I am convinced beyond a scintilla of doubt that O.J. butchered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, I believe that this double murderer should have been sentenced to death and, barring that, he should have spent the remaining years of his life behind bars where the sun don’t shine.

I do agree that Simpson’s robbery and kidnapping conviction and sentence in Nevada were payback for his acquittal in California on the double murder charge. I always thought charging the piece of celebrity shit with robbery and kidnapping was a stretch.

The Nevada parole board really had no choice but to grant Simpson his release from prison because Simpson met all the requirements for parole. And that is why I did not object to Simpson being paroled.

My only concern is about what kind of parole supervision is O.J. likely to receive?

As my readers know, I contacted the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners and requested they issue a special condition of parole that requires Simpson to make payments to the Goldmans who were awarded a $33.5 million judgement against the double murderer in a California court for the butchering of their daughter. Will the parole board issue such a special condition? I seriously doubt it.

What he’ll get is the usual behavioral conditions: He shall not drink alcohol to excess. He shall not use drugs. He shall obey all laws. He shall not associate with any convicted felons. He shall not possess or own any firearms. He must agree to having his person or property searched without a search warrant. He shall submit to random drug testing. He shall obey the orders of his parole officer. He cannot leave the county of his residence without permission of the parole authorities.

Simpson will not be required to obtain gainful employment like other parolees because he has declared himself to be retired, which is plausible since he is 70 and receives some lucrative pensions.

Simpson wants to be paroled to Florida. The Nevada parole board is almost certain to grant his wish. However, that cannot happen unless Florida parole authorities agree to accept him for parole supervision. Will Florida do that? I’m pretty sure they will.

My experience as a California parole agent with out of state parolees was that they did not receive as much supervision as did the California parolees. And when they violated their parole conditions, often the sending state would not take them back – good riddance. That meant we were stuck with them on parole unless they were convicted of a new felony and sentenced to serve time in a California prison.

If Florida accepts Simpson for parole supervision, his Florida parole officer will be expected to enforce the parole conditions imposed on him by the state of Nevada even if those conditions differ from those imposed on Florida parolees.

Florida parole authorities will have to subject Simpson to close supervision since his will be a high interest parole case. But what does close supervision amount to?

Simpson will no doubt have to make periodic visits to the parole office. His parole officer will have to make periodic field visits to his home. But what kind of field visits will they be? Will they be surprise visits? I doubt it. They’ll probably be by appointment. Will they be conducted during the hours of darkness and on weekends. Not if Florida parole officers work Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

So even if Simpson has to report to the parole office twice a month and his parole officer has to see him in the field twice a month, his supervision will be superficial at best. Those appointments will leave Simpson free to clean up his act before he has any contact with his parole officer and he doesn’t have to worry about the nighttime and weekends.

So this piece of celebrity shit who is believed to have accumulated around $600,000 from his pensions and investments while imprisoned will be free to enjoy the Florida sunshine, play golf and party with his buddies while Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman lie buried in their graves.

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