Thursday, July 27, 2017


by Bob Walsh

One of the survivors of a Hwy 99 rollover in Los Banos has said she doesn't blame the (drunk) driver for the crash, she blames social media. The driver, Obdulia Sanchez, 18, of Stockton, was live streaming her driving along Hwy 99 (fascinating scenery I am sure) when she lost control of her car and rolled it, ejecting both back seat passengers, neither of who was wearing a seat belt. One of them, Ms. Sanchez's little sister, died.

The Instagram stream shows Sanchez standing over her sister's corpse, apologizing.

According to her father, Nicandro Sanchez, Ms. Sanchez (the still living one) had a rough childhood and spent her last two years as a juvenile in the custody of CPS. He did not mention the girl's mother or the girl's dead sister in his statement to a Fresno TV station.

Let's see. It is illegal to drink if you are under 21. It is illegal to drive drunk. It is illegal to allow minors to ride in your car without wearing their seat belts. I guess this young lady made SEVERAL really poor choices that will haunt her the rest of her life. But she should look on the bright side, at least she has one. Can't say the same for her little sister, who was supposed to have her Quinceanera this weekend.

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bob walsh said...

On July 28 this young lady's lawyer asked the judge to reduce her $500,000 bail. He declined to do so, so she is still a guest of the people of Madera County. She could get 13 years if found guilty on all charges.