Saturday, July 22, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Jerry Brown is the governor of the formerly great state of California. He is three or four French fries short of a happy meal. He gave a speech to a legislative committee a week or so ago about climate change that was positively psychotic. He was all but foaming at the mouth. He really BELIEVES that shit.

Jerry just made a deal with the devil (Republicans) that gives his infamous Cap-and-Trade bill another ten years of life. In return it may give the minority party (Republicans) more say-so as to how money is distributed.

Specifically the bribe was to get an item on the ballot that would allow the voters a say as to the future of funding of Jerry's HSR (high-speed rail, AKA Jerry's toy train)

The current plan is to piss away $64 billion on a train that will not be as efficient or as fast as promised and whose basic funding is in clear violation of the parameters of the ballot initiative that created the High-Speed Rail authority in the first place.

Right now the HSR system is under construction. In seven or eight years it will be possible to take a sort-of fast train between Madera and Bakersfield. God damn, the ridership should be AWESOME for that. Maybe they can put on some freight cars and move cattle to auction while they are at it.

Nobody but Jerry and construction unions want the damn train. Nobody but Jerry thinks it can possibly work. I hope that by the time Jerry is gone in two years it will be allowed to die a natural death with only $15 billion or so down the toilet. Then those idiots can worry about cow farts and other threats to civilization as we know it.


Anonymous said...

Texas lawmakers want high speed rail too. It's all an industry play to make money on a project that won't work. Texans love to drive and that's not going to change.

bob walsh said...

Californians love to drive too. They just want to get everybody else off the road so they are not in their way.