Saturday, July 22, 2017


by Bob Walsh

The family of Justine Damond, who died in an unfortunate and so far unexplained police shooting in Minneapolis, has hired a lawyer. They picked the guy who got a significant settlement for the family of Philando Castile, who was also shot to death by a Minneapolis area officer under unusual circumstances.

I can see their point, and if I was in their position I might very possibly do the same thing. Clearly they want answers RIGHT NOW and in the real world they are not going to get them that fast. It is frustrating I am sure, but understandable. Especially since, as I understand it, the shooter on the advice of his attorney is being VERY RETICENT about giving up information.

They feel, I suspect, that they need to protect their position (which I understand) and that the cops are slow-dragging the investigation (which they are probably not, at least not on purpose).

Lawyers can get answers sometimes that human beings can't. That's their job.


Anonymous said...

Is it true that the officer was hired in an effort to appease the Somali Community and get the Mayor votes? I'd like to see his scores in the academy.

bob walsh said...

You mean you think a PC mayor would stoop so low as to try to influence hiring practices to make herself look good? Perish the thought.