Friday, July 07, 2017


by Bob Walsh

OK, I grant you, there is a little more to it than that. Elliot Clark, 11, was part of a four-person and three-dog fishing party near Game Creek in Alaska last week. The group was hoofing it along a trail when a good size coastal brown bear game running down the trail charging them. The bear knocked the two men who were in the lead down. The boy, who was #3 in line, unlimbered his 12-gauge pump and let the bear have one round (birdshot unfortunately) in the shoulder and a second round in the face, followed by a third round. Then the boy and his uncle, who had a rifle, finished the bear off.

The boy did not have a sling for his shotgun and was carrying it in his hands, which may have helped reaction time..

Remember there is a lot of shit out there that can kill you that does not walk on two legs, especially in Alaska. Maybe next time the kid will have either buckshot or slugs in his shotgun.

I wonder if they let him keep the pelt?

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