Thursday, July 06, 2017


A few days after we shared a dinner table, Janel Bernard, 79, was beaten and stabbed to death during a home invasion

On Saturday, June 24, I attended my sister’s 50th anniversary dinner. Sitting across the table from me was Janel Bernard, a very nice 79-year-old lady who lived by herself in Hedwig Village, an enclave within the city of Houston.

On Monday morning Janel’s maid arrived at her home and found her beaten and stabbed to death. Her home was ransacked and her wallet and Cadillac were stolen.

The car was abandoned miles away on Houston's south side and Houston officers found the keys about 200 feet away. Houston police offered to process the car for Hedwig Village police.

Janel may have known her attacker because she always kept her house locked and there were no signs of forced entry.

Hedwig Village police say this was the first murder in their town in nearly 20 years.

As I said, Janel was a very nice lady. Throughout the meal she helped a feeble old man sitting next her by filling his plate with different foods from a turntable.

I hope they catch the worthless piece of shit who killed Janel, and if they do, I hope he resists arrest so that officers will have a reason to blow his sorry ass away.


Anonymous said...

RIP, Janel Bernard.

bob walsh said...

That well and truly sucks.