Wednesday, July 12, 2017


by Bob Walsh

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires businesses and public facilities make "reasonable modifications" to their business practices to make their products available to the disabled. The Ninth U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals has just reinstated an incredible lawsuit using this as its basis.

John Karczewski is a licensed driver. He is also a paraplegic and uses a wheel chair to get around for the most part. He went to a Honda dealer in San Diego a while back and wanted them to temporarily install a set of hand controls in a used Honda sedan so he could take it for a test drive. They declined, having no such equipment on hand and no expertise in its installation. So, like any other good American, Karczewski called a lawyer and sued.

A lawyer court threw the suit out. The Ninth Circuit, often called the Ninth Circus and acknowledged as the most overturned court in the country, disagreed and reinstated the suit.


Anonymous said...

Imagine that.

bob walsh said...

Clearly that last sentence should read "lower court" not "lawyer court." My bad. Three Vicodin and a can of Mad Dog messes up my concentration.