Saturday, July 01, 2017


by Bob Walsh

As I write this much is being made of a shooting as the Bronx Lebanon Hospital. It is clearly mostly bullshit.

The news reports say that Dr. Henry Bello, a former employee of the hospital, walked into the hospital wearing a white lab coat under which he had an AR-15 rifle concealed. He allegedly shot seven people, one fatally, then self-rehabilitated.

This is obviously bullshit as the AR series rifles are considered to be dreaded, evil semi-automatic assault weapons in New York City and it is illegal to possess or carry one. Since we all know people with criminal intent disobey all laws EXCEPT gun control laws, which they are presumed to obey or we wouldn't have so many bullshit gun control laws, this story is clearly bullshit.

I expect that all those injured people actually had slip and fall accidents in which they fell on their pens, creating penetrating wounds similar to gunshot wounds. All the noise was probably just fireworks. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

In all seriousness, its a good thing that there was nobody there with a gun to defend themselves or somebody might have gotten hurt.

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Anonymous said...

Gun control works even better in Chicago!