Thursday, July 06, 2017


by Bob Walsh

James Thomas Adkins was a guest of the people of Whitley County, KY and was in court while undergoing legal action on Monday. He had a small issue with FTA and failure to pay fines.

According to Sheriff Colan Harrell the court security officer who normally does the final walkthrough on the cells was distracted by a man attempting to kill himself in the building and just plain dam forgot. This resulted in Adkins hanging out in the holding cell over night.

The Sheriff says he is instituting a written check list procedure to ensure that the cells are checked at close of business.

I admit I am curious that the jail did not notice that he did not RTC after appearing in court and no paperwork indicating his release was submitted. Sounds like there is enough blame to go around. The Sheriff has not decided what action, if any, to take against the court security officer.

Excrement occurs. At least he wasn't left over the long weekend. I seem to remember that happening to a guy in federal custody in L.A. some years ago and he damn near died.

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