Tuesday, July 11, 2017


by Bob Walsh

A riot broke out at the GEO operated federal prison in Caddo County, Oklahoma on Sunday. The disturbance broke out on the main yard of the Great Plains Correctional Facility in Hinton and involved about 150 inmates, many armed with baseball bats and improvised weapons. The riot eventually spread to about 400 prisoners on two yards.

Two Correctional Officers were held prisoner for an unspecified period of time but they were said to be uninjured. They were freed when staff responded with stun grenades and OC spray. The riot was finally put down on Monday. No staff were hurt. Numerous prisoners were, but their conditions are unknown.

Contracting out law enforcement services has it's problems and even real prisons have riots. That being said, when you pay your staff $10 an hour, you get $10 an hour worth of staff. When your staff can not use firearms the prisoners are not afraid of being shot, so it gives them more options.

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Anonymous said...

Contract prisons are a joke.