Sunday, July 02, 2017


Will Anybody Notice?

by Bob Walsh

Governor Christie has essentially shut down non-essential services in New Jersey due to the lack of a budget. He is having a pissing contest with the legislature, or at least certain legislators, over some items in the budget proposal.

I don't know why they don't work like Illinois. They haven't had a budget in over two years now. They just keep collecting taxes but don't pay any of their bills because they have no spending authority. Much of their medical infrastructure is about to close down as they aren't being paid. Some movers and shakers there have semi-seriously stated the state should close down and merge into one of it's neighbors.

That ain't gonna happen, but it shows you how messed up things can get with an unending reign of Democrap-Socialists running the organization. Eventually they run out of shit to steal with which to bribe people so nothing gets done. At least California isn't that messed up....yet.

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Anonymous said...

I stayed in Atlantic City overnight when my son graduated from Coast Guard boot camp at Cape May 20 years ago. It was a shithole!