Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Today, just about anywhere you go, you will find yourself under the watchful lens of a surveillance camera. These cameras are both inside and outside business buildings, inside and outside many homes, in parking lot and on roadways.

Civil libertarians are howling in opposition to these cameras because, as they see it, surveillance cameras violate a person’s right to privacy. What a crock! The minute a person steps out of his home into the public domain, his privacy rights become limited.

Thank God for those cameras! They were instrumental in catching the white asshole who killed a black girl in a Pennsylvania road rage shooting.

18-year-old Bianca Roberson was a recent high school graduate who was on the way home last month after doing some shopping in preparing to attend college this fall. While she was trying to merge into a single lane in suburban Philadelphia, so was another driver. He became enraged when Bianca would not move over and shot her dead.

A surveillance camera caught Bianca’s car and the shooter’s pickup truck side by side at the moment of the shooting. That picture received nationwide TV news exposure. As a result, David Desper, 28, turned himself into the cops. His red pickup truck and S&W 40-caliber semi-automatic pistol were seized by the police.

Another surveillance camera near a bus stop in Urbana, Illinois helped authorities capture the man believed to have kidnapped and murdered Yingying Zhang, a University of Illinois graduate student from China. Zhang was last seen June 9 on a surveillance picture getting in the suspect’s black Saturn Astra hatchback.

Civil libertarians notwithstanding, those omnipresent surveillance cameras are a valuable crime fighting tool.

As an aside, that white asshole had a concealed carry license. Look for the anti-gunners to take advantage of this tragedy by damning the concealed carry permit laws.


Anonymous said...

Cameras, cell phones and computers track your every move. LE always checks for cameras at crime scenes and some may be your neighbors. Pointing in your direction.

bob walsh said...

Assholes like that would carry illegally anyway.

bob walsh said...

Nothing that you do anywhere (possibly including in your own home) can be realistically believed to be "private" in the normal sense of the world. When you are out in the world you should operate with the belief that you are being observed and probably recorded.