Friday, July 14, 2017


Ex-Con Invited To Interview Dallas Police Chief Finalists

Law Officer
July 12, 2017

He organized the Black Lives Matter Protest in Dallas where five police officers were assassinated and he was sentenced to two years in prison less than a year ago but that didn’t stop Dallas City Manger T.C. Broadnax from inviting Dominique Alexander of the Next Generation Action Network to be on a panel to interview the seven finalists to become the next Dallas Police Chief.

In 2014, Alexander marched through downtown Dallas and helped shut down Interstate 35E and chanted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, these racist cops have got to go.”

According to The Observer, Alexander was first arrested in July 2009 for causing serious bodily injury to a child. He initially denied touching the child but later admitted to shaking the child. Not long after that arrest, he gorged a check, stole a car and led police on a high speed pursuit.

Now, he will give feedback to the man that will select the next Dallas Police Chief.

Welcome to the crazy world that is law enforcement in 2017.


George Aranda, Dallas chapter president of the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization, said “To have that individual on the panel puts salt in the wounds, and I think the city manager is out of bounds for doing that.”

Thomas Glover, president of the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas, said his group is not opposed to including Alexander.

Broadnax has said Alexander was invited to demonstrate inclusiveness and transparency but will have no more input in the final selection than other panelists.

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bob walsh said...

This is so many kinds of stupid it is hard to know where to start.